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Wow, what a season its been!

So, it's been way too long since I've been adding posts to my site. We have had a very busy season. We have had some challenges, but God has seen us through each one with so many blessings that we can only be grateful as we reflect.

Life is busy, right!? Even if you try and say you will do less, somehow if you have children that are even in only one activity, you are busy. When you add jobs and just "adulting," it seems to be busy ALL the time!

A couple of months ago, after I picked up my daughter from her 1/2 day Kindergarten, we were in a car accident. It was 0% my fault. Literally a situation of "wrong place, wrong time." My daughter was ok physically, but she was shaken up! For the next week she was afraid to go to bed because "when I close my eyes, I see that car hitting us." The car hit on her side of the minivan, in her door. The first thing I said after it happened was, "ARE YOU OK!?" She screamed yes, but kept screaming. I got out, ran around because her door was too smashed, and grabbed her and hugged her. The second thing I said was, "God protected us, all of us!" None of us were hurt. There were three cars involved and all of us were 100% ok!

I was so angry at the situation and while we all waiting forever for the police to do their work, I felt such a strong push to say something to the young man who had caused it all. I asked God to give me the words and went over to him after an hour and asked if he was ok. He said, "who cares about me, this is all my fault, are YOU ok!?" I realized he really felt like no one cared because it had been his fault. I told him that it was just an accident and he is just as important as anyone else and no one was upset. I told him the most important thing was that we were all OK!

After that ordeal, it was a month of driving our other vehicle... a truck that only seats 5 legally. With a family of 6, that made things interesting. But, God quickly provided and we had two sets of friends offer their vehicles to us, for as long as we needed. What a blessing!

We had already been thinking of purchasing a newer vehicle, so this was just a quicker schedule that we had anticipated.

After much searching, we finally found our van. It was totally another God thing! We had just visited a dealer and saw yet another "lemon." We had only seen super over-priced vehicles with way too much mileage, or cheaper options that were just junk. On the way home, I saw a new listing I hadn't seen before that seemed like a dream. I told the hubs, who quickly replied, "I don't want to waste time with another lemon. Do you want to go?" I felt his frustration and simply said, "whatever you want to do!" He did not turn on our exit and kept driving. Thank GOD he did! We arrived and the minivan was exactly what we needed. We quickly test drove, fell in love, saw the work that needed to be done that we could handle and purchased the van! God's timing couldn't have worked out better. This was just 5 weeks after the accident and just the week before Thanksgiving.

Once we came home, we put our vehicle on the internet to sell. We knew it would be for scrap, but we knew we needed to sell it. The nicest man EVER came to buy it and guess what he did? He gave us contacts for a "dent guy" and other contacts to help with the new minivan. God provided!

The following weekend we were able to safely drive to family for Thanksgiving! Now, we have a new vehicle and the hubs is slowly fixing what is needed when he has time.

Right after this, I had rehearsals for our church's Christmas program. What a blessing to have a second vehicle again so we could keep up with the kid's activities as well as my rehearsals! God continued to provide.

While I know it was "just a wreck," it really threw off our family. I LOVE to be organized, and scheduled and in CONTROL! I was spending all of my free time searching for a new vehicle, so I got really behind with my job, with the house and I was just trying to get through each day. I knew God was with us through the entire journey and I saw the blessings throughout.

It's now time to dig out of my hole! I will be back to posting healthy recipes and ideas about getting life organized again. Thank you for your patience as I walked through this and thank you for those who were praying for us!



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