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Organizing the Bathroom Cabinets


I love organizing, I mean LOVE organizing. I’ve always had a little OCD in me, I love having things where they belong, so I always know where they are, and having them all organized and looking pretty just brings me joy! I know, I’m weird, but you other organized people agree with me!

With 4 kids, our lives often feel very un-organized. So, whenever I can get something back in order, I count that as a win! The kids usually enjoy it too because then they can find their stuff.

Well, this time it’s the bathroom! I’ve always avoided these rooms. Our bedrooms and closets are organized, our toys, legos and books all have a place and the kid’s desks are somewhat organized (they are kids after all!).

But, I’ve always avoided the bathroom. Well, this past week I took my first ever trip to The Container Store and now our bathrooms are organized! I’ll walk you through how I organized this space.

First, I pulled everything out and as I did, I checked expiration dates of everything. I threw away a bunch of medicines and beauty products that had passed their best dates and chucked it all in the trash. I hated to do it, but it’s not safe to risk it!

Once everything was pulled out, I also decided to throw away the old, dirty cabinet liners that were there. I re-lined everything with new contact paper that I like and that really opened up the space and made it look and feel clean again! I also painted the back wall white which really helped the space as well.

Next, I had my son put together this adorable under-the-sink organizer I bought at The Container Store. It was only $20 and I was thrilled to try it out! When organizing any space, going vertical can really add space. I didn’t want to wait for my husband to build some amazing shelf system, so I bought this instead. Because of the plumbing, I knew I could only fit one on the right side.

Then, I began putting things back in, but more organized!

I also LOVE the Dollar Store (or Dollar Tree, or whatever the store is in your town!) They have great options for decorating in a thrifty way! I was able to find these great small organizers that seem to be very durable and sturdy for only $1/each or even some were 3/$1. I also organized the side cabinet of our bathroom.


I chose to group things by categories: Pain Relief in one container, nail polish/manicure/pedicure stuff in another, lotions in another, and all things teeth in one, etc. This way, we can stop digging through one giant tub of stuff and just go right to the tub. I also relined with the contact paper as well! Before it was just the wood. This looks better and will be easier to clean.

I found random bug repellent stuff and that already is stored in the garage, so I put those things where they go! I also found tons of first aid things like bandaids, burn cream, etc. I decided to move all of that into one location in the kid’s bathroom (read more below).

Once I had things in their tubs, I just had to decide how to put them back. I considered getting a shelf system or drawer system in the tall pantry where we have towels, etc. but decided not to at this time.

For the things I use less often (like only once a month), I put those in the back of the cabinet and then the tubs of daily use stuff in front. I don’t think I will mind it. But, I can always change it later! Once I put everything back, I just loved it. Everything has a place again and it’s easy to access!

I did the same with the kids bathroom, but I put all things first aid in a larger, stacking tub.


I could get another one to stack more things on top, but the kids don’t have a lot. I organized all of the things in this cabinet in smaller tubs as well. Most of this is for guests when we have them like travel shampoos, toothpastes, lotions, etc.


The older kids were excited and asked if I would get more containers for their desks, so next up will be organizing their desks! Thanks for reading.

Happy Organizing! Janel

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